Due to the current situation, our hopes and well wishes are with the families and victims of Covid-19 in our beautiful city of Tucson. I am reminded that we are in this together and that we need to take our future back into our own hands, one day at a time.

With social distancing driving us apart, and away from our community of friends and co workers at Fronimo's Restaurant Friday evenings, I have moved our information sharing online.

So please join us until we can get back to meetings in person with one another.  We are using an app called Marco Polo to coordinate our real estate investments.  In uncertain times like these, the liquid markets are a great way to stay home and harvest volatility using Shannon's Daemon. 

We have recorded our experiences using the method as well as our real estate hunting methods on our online classes using the Marco Polo app.  We are still developing property and buying houses as well. 

Please join us online as we isolate to protect the weakest among us.  And if you are new to the group please reach out to Elliott at tucsonset@gmail.com


Welcome to Tucsoninvestors.com. We are a community of 300 investors in the Tucson area. We do real estate deals and stock based investing as a group.  All activities are free of charge, and we forbid sales pitches of any kind.  We do not permit agents to attend.

We also have an educational program for people new to the subject and have been coaching our own people since 2004. Please sign up below to access further information on our free education on the 'courses' link.

Although all classes and meetings are free of charge, we do expect to make profits as a result of investing.  We are not a social hang out, nor a seminar company.

Once you have signed up, please feel free to attend one of our Friday night meetings.  This meeting is mandatory for new members, and we call it 'newbie night'.  There are no bad questions on newbie night...

Hope to see you soon!
Elliott Kelly

Join us every Friday night at Fronimo's restaurant, 7pm. 

3242 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716