Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Tucson Investors is based on the following

Introductory Concepts.
Information is free.
We don’t sell each other anything.
We break investing down into baby steps.
We start with houses.

Tucson  Investors Core Philosophy
1. Clear your mind and focus while investing. Investing is like 'driving' an 'investment vehicle'. Do it sober and aware.
2. Save money by sleeping. You want your house payment to cover itself. Multi plexes, gardens, or in house businesses can do this.
3. Recognize the true value of time. It's always greater than money, so spend it by studying investing with more hours than working.
4. Work together to learn while earning. Make new friends investing, and invest in deals with your new friends.

What you Will Learn
1. How to organize yourself financially.
2. How to shop for the best real estate deals.
3. How to buy, fix, and sell a house.
4. How to protect your assets from seizure and market crashes.

The Students that Do Best
1. Ask questions after doing all the reading.
2. Don't call me before 10am, never text me, and use email whenever possible.
3. Write five offers a day.
4. Move on to the next opportunity when treated rudely by an agent.

Success is Defined as...
You are a success when you start making a difference in the world. Money can only get you a degree of comfort, it can't make your life meaningful. All it can do is free up your time to make your life meaningful. When you get your freedom, don't squander your time.

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