Frequently Asked Questions

Students of investing are very vulnerable to salespeople early in the process.  We prefer a learning environment free from money so that the standards of what makes a good deal can remain as free from corruption as possible.

 How much does it cost to join? Are you a school?

No.  We are a free of charge, mentoring based club.  None of our teaching is sold, but flipping real estate is discussed.

I went to a seminar and they wanted me to spend tons of money.  If you charge nothing, how do you get paid?  What's in it for you?

We get paid as a result of doing real estate deals and other investing activity.  We don't take money for education.

If I wanted to pay for a seminar who would I talk to?

AZREIA has the best quality, as well as the lowest cost of any seminar training company we have discovered out there.  If operating in Arizona, you will need training from an Arizona based seminar company as you will be operating under Arizona law.

I heard at a seminar that I don't need to have any money in a deal and I can just wholesale a deal to someone else.  Is this true?

No.  You will need at least 10 dollars earnest money to get started.

What is meant by 'wholesaling'?  Why call it 'hunting'?

Wholesaling is the selling of a contract signed by a seller.  We call it hunting because we got tired of dealing with people living in a fantasy that this isn't hard work.  Hunting denotes a more active process.  You will be looking at markets online, talking to realtors, haggling, driving across town and so on.  It is not a passive process, some students take weeks to learn and others take years.

Do you teach people how to wholesale?

Yes, that is what we call hunter training.  Hunter level members wholesale to dealmaker level members.

How much can I make as a wholesaler?

5K/month is likely the most you would make.  We pay 2k-5k per contract, only in central Tucson and only for our own students.

How much of my own money do I need to do a deal with?

10 dollars, but that is the minimum consideration for a contract to be valid in Arizona.  In other states, the number differs.  And that figure is per contract.  Keep in mind the seller would need to agree to your earnest money being ten dollars as well, and often they demand a thousand or more.

What is the typical earnest money amount per contract?

500-1000 dollars.  It is purely negotiable though, and can be much higher or any amount over 10 dollars.

How long does it take to learn to wholesale?

The class takes an hour, reviewing the materials takes a couple of days, and getting adjusted to the processes and routines can take anywhere from two weeks to four months.  Most students take about two weeks to a month to become solid enough for us to call 'wood'.

Do you need to have good credit to become a dealmaker?

No.  In most cases, we use hard money (private money loans) to close deals at dealmaker level.  In fact, it is usually quite difficult to get more than four houses using typical bank financing even if your credit is good.  Once you know what you are doing, and have the best possible deal under contract; the financing becomes much easier to get with or without good credit.

Is your course about finding foreclosures as investment properties?

No.  There is nothing magical about foreclosures or finding foreclosures.  Some of your deals will be foreclosures, but for the most part they are not usually what we wind up getting.  Our teachings revolve around taking as little risk as possible (but never no risk), using as little of our own cash as possible, and getting out of the deal as swiftly as possible.