Friday Night Meetings

We are a free school and mentoring system for flipping properties.  We are a social club, not a seminar that teaches ‘no risk’, ‘no credit’, ‘no money down’ or fancy ways to find off market foreclosure investments.

Its really fun, and and our classes range from beginner to expert.

Mostly the subject matter is tailored to the experience level of the regulars, but if you are new, remember we call it newbie night so ask as many questions as you like.

Come dressed casually, and bring pen and paper for exchanging contact information.  Keep in mind that we are a 12 year old social club with an organized internal culture designed for the safe exchange of financial information.  Please be sensitive to others if they reveal any information to you in confidence.  Specific real estate deals are often discussed.

If we have enough newbies, we will teach the ‘hunt’ techniques we use for finding real estate investments.  There is no need to take notes during this as class notes will be emailed to you for attending.

Fronimo’s has been gracious enough not to charge us for the room, but does ask that attendees order food.  The gyro is only seven bucks and it’s incredible.  I’m a huge fan of the vegetarian hummus and falafel plate which goes for ten.

See you there!

Elliott Kelly





Join us every Friday night at Fronimo's restaurant, 7pm.
3242 E Speedway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85716