“It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep and how much it’s working”

Robert Kiyosaki

Elliott Kelly

Tucson has been my home off and on since 1989.  I graduated from the U of A with a creative writing degree and found myself increasingly more interested in the subject of investing, particularly Real estate.  I went to a number of seminars, but found they were simply sales pitches touted with promises of money for free with no risk.  All I needed to do is raise my credit and find a foreclosure.  In no time i would make my first deal with the help of my new mentor and my fellow investors.  Flipping properties would have me swimming in cash in no time.

elliottphoto2But tuition was obscene, so I shopped around and discovered as many others do that I could go to school to get a real estate license.  I got two licenses in the end, one in Louisiana and the next one in Texas.  I slowly went deeper into debt as I realized that an agent has to wait for other people to initiate offers on properties.  I learned most agents make little or nothing and that I would be better off serving fast food, or doing what I wound up doing which was driving a cab.

I've tried the appriasal hat and the lender hat too...both have to wait for a customer to magically come around.  So eventually I found a little group of investors where mistakes were being shared and no one was asking for my money.  Investors take risks, but they also initiate action.  Today an investor can write an offer, today an investor can improve a property, today an investor can sharpen his skills.  If you don't mind taking initiative you are going to enjoy being an investor.

Today I get deals brought to me and lenders are eager to lend to me.  Agents are eager to show me properties and title agents are eager to close my deals.  I started the journey at 24 with my first home purchase and im 45 today.  I have lost count of all the deals I have done at this point in my career and I've had a great time making homes safer and more beautiful places to live.  I love teaching and helping people get started.

I'm eager to meet you and share the excitement of the investing world with you!

Here's to your abundant journey!




Elliott Kelly